Hey, just wondering if everything's ok, considering you havent updated in quite a while

[[ Everything’s alright, I promise, I have just been busy and updating other things and I’m finally out of school but life is always busy, eh~? I have to update I Am Titanium, but then I can update here~ ]]

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Hello. Just popping by to say that you're a good drawer and writer. I look forward to posts and updates. I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish to give you a cookie *gives you a cookie*

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Who helps heal the crew when the crew is hurt? Rapunzel? Also, You are a fabulous blogger and I hope you've had a wonderful day *gives you a cookie and runs away*

[[ thank you~! Rapunzel has healing powers and she likes to heal the crew, however usually they all pitch in to help each other if one of them is hurt. Hiccup heals very quickly and Elsa is good at avoiding physical injuries. ]]

Which one of the crew does laundry, admin?

[[ Are you kidding?! These guys are PIRATES they all probably smell perpetually FOUL. When they’re in the sea they hardly clean the dishes either. More often than not, if they pull into port all their clothes are sent to be washed. Many a stop has lead Jack to walk around naked, which he kind of enjoys and Onceler’s always bartering off his clothes so he usually only has one thing to wash. When all of them need their clothes washing they all tend to hang out at the beach and just chill out like some ridiculous nudist camp. Merida LOVES IT. And Rapunzel uses her hair to cover up. Kristoff is not too fond of being exposed so he and Anna hang out in rock pools on their own for a while. ]]

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Why are you so good at doing what you do?

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Captain Black laughed wickedly as Jack was released from his bonds and given back his clothes. He stood there staring blankly for a while until a thin smile played across his lips and he followed his new captain to the door of his quarters where the sun beat down on those outside. He was handed a mop and took it without question. 

"Welcome back to the crew, Mr. Overland." Captain black said, looking directly at Hiccup, who’s expression told everything. Horror filled his face and he pounded on the glass with new fervor, calling out to Jack, who easily ignored him. 

"Yes sir." Jack replied easily. Part of the ship, part of the crew was completely true- within secongs of giving into Pitch it was as if the entire crew and ship moved like clockwork, all as one without any orders from Captain Black unless he deemed it worthy to shout. 

Not long after he mopped the deck, Jack was sent to the brig where he busied his guard shift peeling what most could consider potatoes far too old to properly eat, but it seemed to pass the time his spaced out mind allowed him to register. 

Seeing him, the captives from the Night Fury’s Revenge were shocked at his transformation (the ship’s wheel in his stomach being the cause of the most of their concerns). “Jack, come ON mate!” Rapunzel gripped the bars and tried to shake them. You’re not one of them! Just what has that thieving bilge rat done to you?!” 

Jack’s head shot up and he glared at her, never once blinking. “Don’t insult the Captain.” He hissed. “And who the hell are you to tell me what ship I am a part of?” He stood and stepped up smoothly to their cell. “I am stronger than ever and you pathetic little rats traipse around this cage in fear. You are pathetic.” He spat. 

"This isn’t you Jack!" Merida said. "You’d NEVER give into this! Fight it, please!" 

"Fight it?! HA!" He grinned and for the first time since she had met him, Rapunzel felt eerily creeped out. "You idiots haven’t figured it out yet, have you? you never once asked me why I have permanent cuff marks on my wrists and ankles? Why I bare the slave’s brand on my shoulder? Why it took so long for that merman to get me aboard his ship?" He sat back down and picked up the potato again. "Foolish." He said. "But I suppose you have no reason not to know now……….." 

When is the next part of the story being posted~~~~????? (It's getting so good~!!!!!) And to Kristoff and Anna, what kind of wedding are you guys going to have?? (I know that it's going to be in the Spring)

[[ I am currently colouring the next part but after the part after that it might take a bit as I have yet to draw that far ahead. X3 ]]

Omg this story is amazing! When will you put up the next scene/part? My sanity depends on it!

[[ soonish, now that I’m starting to feel better~ ]]